5 Ways to Find Peace of Mind

There is no denying that your physical health is connected to your mental health. So, before you have to fire up the Zealyte app and schedule an online doctor visit to treat a physical condition, consider these 5 ways to find some peace of mind.


ONE: Take a walk

Too much time in your office, on the couch, or in front of the TV isn’t doing you any favors. Take some time for yourself and get out and take a walk. Enjoy nature and soak in the sunshine and fresh air. The vitamin D from the sun will boost your immune system and the time away from “technology” can be a nice break for your mind.


TWO: Listen to soothing music

Studies show that relaxing music can help calm your mind. The music you listen to can help you focus more, and calm anxious feelings. Create playlists of your favorite tunes on Apple Music, Spotify, or your preferred music streaming platform that you can hit ‘PLAY’ on any time to bring some joy and peace to your mind.


THREE: Laugh

It’s been said that laughter and humor are healing to the bones. When you laugh, your brain releases chemicals that are stress relievers. Laughter can actually open up and send hormones throughout your mind and body that cause you to relax and experience peace. So, find a funny movie on Netflix or Amazon, turn up the volume, and LAUGH!


FOUR: Set goals

Goals give you a sense of purpose and when you accomplish those goals you experience all of the good feelings that come along with achieving your goals. The acronym SMART is a great outline for setting goals: S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Realistic/Relevant, T-Time-bound. Take some today and write down at least one goal you want to accomplish in the next seven days.


FIVE: Be present

From the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow again, distractions are competing for your attention and energy. The alerts on your phone, your family, your boss, your job, the latest world crisis, and the list goes on. Instead of worrying about the past or becoming anxious about the future focus on the present. Focus on what you can control at this moment in time.  Don’t let the tyranny of the urgent rob your peace of mind.

We love helping people feel better emotionally and physically. If you need to talk with a doctor today but don’t want to be stuck in a waiting room with sick people, talk with one of our board-certified doctors virtually. It’s as easy as opening your Zealyte+ telemedicine app and connecting.

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