7 Tips to Use Before Allergies Hit

It doesn’t matter if you have them a little or a lot, allergies can ruin your day. The doctors available through Zealyte telemedicine understand what you’re going through. And below are seven tips you can use to lessen the impact allergies have on you and your family.


Close Your Windows

Filling your house or office with fresh air is great but if the pollen count is high, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. So, before you fling the windows open, use the weather app on your phone to do a quick check of the pollen count.


Get Clean

Once you step outside your house your clothes, shoes, hair, and skin are picking up particles from the environment. And when you return to your house all of those things you’ve picked up along the way are deposited in your house. Be sure to wash up and change your clothes.


Watch What You Eat

Some studies have shown that people who eat large amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits have fewer allergies. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods or drinks and if you feel congested, have itchy eyes, or have a general unwell feeling it may be an indicator those things are triggering allergies.


Keep Your Nose Clean

Nasal rinses can do wonders. When you keep your nose clean from mucus it can help cut down the allergy symptoms you are experiencing. Affordable rinse kits are available at any pharmacy. And you can also open your Zealyte app and have a virtual doctor visit for other ways to keep your nasal passages clean and free from allergens.



When you’re feeling stuffed up, get more water into your body. Extra hydration can help thin out the mucus from your nasal passages and provide you with some relief. In addition to water, warm tea or broth can help.


Household Cleaning Products

Keeping your house clean goes a long way in keeping allergies to a minimum but be careful about the products you are using to keep your house clean. The chemicals in many cleaning products can irritate your nasal passages and stir up allergies in a major way. Consider switching to more natural cleaners that get the job done just effectively. Another big step towards cutting down on indoor allergens is using HEPA filters on your heating and air conditioning unit.


Talk To Your Doctor

With Zealyte this is as easy as opening the app and having immediate access to an online doctor. You don’t need to schedule an appointment, make a drive to an office, and wait in the lobby for an hour or more, PLUS they can send your script straight to your local pharmacy. If you or any family member is dealing with allergies connect with a Zealyte telemedicine doctor today and get relief.

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