Is There a Pharmacy Near Me?

When it’s 11:00 pm and you or your kids feel a cold coming on what do you do? You may Google “Is there a pharmacy near me?” Or maybe you’re digging through the basket of medicine in your bathroom closet.

There’s no doubt that visiting a pharmacy near you and talking with a knowledgeable pharmacist can be of benefit. Pharmacists provide easy and convenient access to basic testing and healthcare services. And whether you need an over-the-counter drug or prescription, a pharmacist will be able to provide you with insight on what medicine may work best for your condition.

You may be dealing with allergies, a cold, cough, earache, fever, headache, nausea, sore throat, or something else and chances are there’s something at the pharmacy that can bring some relief.

The knowledge and experience that a pharmacist has isn’t just limited to filling prescriptions. They have been trained to detect therapeutic duplications and interactions between your medications. And they can even help you identify ways to save money on your medications.

Pharmacists are also a great resource to help you identify additional drugs that may be helpful. By looking at your health history they may recognize opportunities to add or remove certain medications from your prescribed protocol.

In addition to these things, your pharmacist can be a great resource to help you understand when you should take your medication. Should you take it with a meal or on an empty stomach? They will instruct you on how frequently and at what times of the day you should be taking your medication. And if you need to discontinue a medication, the pharmacist can help you safely quit taking it.

But what happens if the pharmacy is closed? Or, what if you need a prescription called in because the over-counter-medicine won’t do the trick?

The easiest and quickest thing you can do is to connect with a board-certified doctor. Just grab your phone, open your Zealyte+ app and step into the virtual doctor’s office to get help with whatever you’re dealing with.

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