My teenage daughter wasn’t feeling well and needed to see a doctor. It was my busy season at work and trying to squeeze in a doctor's appointment would have been difficult. Her Mom told me about an ad she saw for Zealyte telemedicine. I decided to try it. It took about 5 minutes to register and within 15 minutes of registering I was speaking with a doctor. He asked me a few questions and asked me to describe her symptoms. The doctor then called in a prescription to my local pharmacy, and I was able to pick it up within the hour. I was really surprised with how convenient it was.

Travis B.

I woke up on a Saturday morning with a UTI. If you’ve ever had one, you know how painful they can be. I remembered that I had Zealyte Telemedicine so I decided to give it a try. I called and in less than 10 minutes I was talking to a doctor. She had a prescription sent to my pharmacy and I picked it up that afternoon. I felt better by that evening. I was so thankful to have access to Zealyte, otherwise I would have been in pain until Monday when I could have gone to see my local doctor.

Jessica G.

I started to feel really sick late on a Friday night. I remembered that my grandma had bought a years subscription for telemedicine for me. At the time I thought it was a silly gift, but when it came time to need it, I was so thankful that I had it. Not only was I able to talk to a doctor at 10pm on a Friday, but they also called in a prescription to my nearest 24 hour pharmacy and gave me a list of items that I could buy over the counter to help me get better faster. By 11pm I picked up my medicine and was able to take it before going to bed. I woke up Saturday morning and was already feeling better. Being able to treat my symptoms early stopped me from getting worse and allowed me to enjoy my weekend.

Shelbi O.

After school one day my son had flu-like symptoms with a low grade fever. His pediatrician was already closed for the day so I used my Zealyte telemedicine app and was talking with a doctor within 15 minutes. They quickly diagnosed his illness and called in a prescription that I picked up within an hour.  Before dinner he was already being treated.  By the next morning his fever was gone and he was feeling so much better that he didn’t even need to go to the pediatrician. I am so glad that we had Zealyte telemedicine.  It was easy and we got a quick response to help my son get better. 

Candance T.

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